Anger is a confusing, complex and challenging emotion. It is confusing as it can be a thought, feeling or an action at the same time. It is complex because more than anything, it is a secondary emotion. A secondary emotion is a emotion that is fueled and maintained by other, sometimes more powerful emotions. It is challenging because it can be constructive and it can be destructive. So how can you be angry and yet have new freedom in this area in your life? 

  You can discover freedom in the midst of your anger by learning what the other emotions are that contribute to your anger. Learning what those specific emotions are can really help you manage and maybe even reduce your anger much more successfully. 

  What are those primary situations or emotions that fuel your anger? In no order, some of them are rejection, embarrassment, abandoned or alone, hurt, guilt/shame, frustration, and anxiety. However, the foundational emotion that contributes to your anger is FEAR. Fear and others are the largest group of primary emotions that much be discovered. 

  It is likely that if you are angry and that anger creates destructive situations in your life and throughout your most important relationships, you simply are not aware of your FEAR. I am not talking just about any fear! I am referring to digging into exactly what your self talk is. You can explore what untruths you may be in the habit of telling yourself.  and When you do you will have a solid opportunity to find new freedom within your anger. 

Step up to your anger with new knowledge and then chose to put that knowledge into practice exactly what you need it. Explore honestly what you are really fearful of as it relates to where you express your anger, and you will discover how to reduce and manage your anger and move to express that anger in a constructive manner.