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Change Is Possible

    Can I change? Can I break out of my personal habits, sometimes negative habits that seem to be so hard to alter? Can my partner and I change the patterns in our relationship or our marriage that just drive me crazy? Yes, yes, and finally yes!!!!     Everyday, in my therapy office, I see people who struggle with these difficult questions. They do not need simple answers or unfeeling advice. They need hope that they can change; Hope that their lives, individual and relational, can get out of the “same old, same old” rutted grind. People need hope that with “effort and adjustments”, their lives could be fulfilling and bright. 

   In the last decade, we have new evidence that our brains are better described as plastic than iron. Plastic is moldable, flexible and able to be moved into a new form. Iron is highly resistant to any change or any new form. In the past, we did not have consistent hope that behaviors, cognitions (thinking patterns), and relationships could change. But now, we have neurological evidence that our brains can be rewired and changed. While it is not easy to resist our old choices, our deeply felt emotions or our patterns that feel like addictions, it can and does happen. Old engrained patterns can be located, tackled and gradually reworked and rewired. 

  You can change! We have powerful evidence that you can change in your actions, your attitudes and your relationships. YOU CAN REALLY CHANGE! A changed brain and a new life is at your doorstep. It is time for you to open the door!