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Finding defeat or inspiration in your limitations

A few months ago, one of my doctors, after examining my right knee, stated, “Ron, you should not be able to do what you are doing. According to your X-ray, you have lost some of your cartilage and have mild arthritis in this knee.” I had discussed with him the 900 miles that I had previously ridden thus far in 2016. I was in the office that day asking him if he could help me work through the possible pain from that knee as I prepared for a MS (Multiple Sclerosis) bike day. The knee had become unmanageable at the end of a nine hour day in the saddle in May where I finished the ride after 105 miles long miles. I wanted the assurance that the knee would not limit me as I increased miles in the last few weeks of training for a day where I hoped to ride 75-100 miles to benefit those who have multiple sclerosis.

In addition to the right knee problems, I have had two left knee surgeries, back surgery and both hips replaced. In the midst of training for this ride, I suddenly realized that I could serve as an inspiration for others who might be tempted to give up when they faced limitations of one kind or another.

Limitations? How do you respond when you encounter roadblocks? Do you react with anger, resentment and childish behavior? Do you chose to think that life ‘owes’ you success and blessings and thus you become bitter when what you expected to happen doesn’t?

I am certainly not lifting myself up as any kind of an ongoing example or a model to follow. However, 2016 has found me being mostly an overcomer when it relates to my 63 year old limited body. It has given me an unusual opportunity to laugh out loud at all of my many physical limitations. Cycling this year has yielded an avenue not to boost about my accomplishments, but about my many weaknesses.

Limitations will and do come universally, but each of younmust chose how younhandle the challenges that life affords you. Today, do you chose defeat or inspiration?